Frederic Georges Fontaine

We would like to wish a warm welcome to:

Viridiana Perez (Ph.D.)

Ambreen Mushtaq (Ph.D.)

Maxime Daigle (M.Sc.)

Guillaume De-Robillard (B.Sc.)

Éléna Rognon (B.Sc.)

Maude Desroches (B.Sc.)



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Our group is interested in the development of novel organometallic complexes for a variety of catalytic applications. Although our research interests are quite fundamental – we seek to gain a detailed understanding of the intramolecular reactions within these complexes – the possible applications are vast, ranging from organic synthesis and functionalization of alkanes, to possible applications in the detection or storage of small molecules, such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide.

The Fontaine group is now on Facebook. You can have access on Membres et anciens du groupe Fontaine.

Professor Fontaine CV.

For more information, contact professor Fontaine using the following email address:

Telephone : 418-656-5140



May 2010

Some news flash :

Frédéric is a Guest Lecturer at Merck Frosst.

Congratulations to Frédéric for is financed FQRNT team grant with Jean-François Morin and Tom Woo. New colleagues quite soon!

Welcome to François Magnan, Marc-André Courtemanche and Isabelle Lévesque for joigning the groupe Fontaine.

Congratulations to Josée Boudreau for a FQRNT doctorat scholarship!

Congratulations to Marc-André Légaré for a Graham Bell NSERC scholarship!

Congratulations to Marc-André Courtemanche and Isabelle Lévesque for NSERC summer scholarship!

Congratulations to Chris, Stephanie and Mathieu for the quality of their seminars!

Congratulations to Josée and Jérôme for the manuscript accepted in EurJIC!

Congratulations to Marie-Hélène for the manuscript accepted in Dalton!

Congratulations to Marie-Hélène Thibault, Ph.D.!

Congratulations to Guillaume Bélanger-Chabot, M.Sc.!


July 2009

Congratulations to André, Stephanie, Guillaume and Philippe for the manuscript accepted for publication in Angew. Chem.

Congratulations to Marie-Hélène for the manuscript accepted for publication in Dalton Trans.

Welcome to Bret who will begin is M.Sc. studies .

Congratulations to Viry who was awarded a 3M scholarship from FQRNT!

May 2009


André Languérand is the first student to graduate from Fontaine's group. Congratulations for your Master!

Christian get Graham-Bell scholarship from NSERC!

Marie-Hélène gets a postdoctoral scholarship from FQRNT!

Guillaume gets a doctoral scholarship from FQRNT!